Sunrise 8 x 10 Oil $850
Iris Moon 12 x 9 Oil $950

Fading Light 30 x 40 Oil 5,900

Resurgence In Blue 36 x 48 Oil 7,500

Snow White 10 x 12 Oil $950

Breakthrough 48 x 48 Oil $10,400 (SOLD)

Triqui 10 x 8 Oil $850

Golden Glow 10 x 12 Oil $950

Levy 10 x 8 Oil $850

Red 36 x 36 Oil $6,200
Halt 8 x 8 Oil $900
Wild Thang 8 x 8 Oil $900
Fresh Look 8 x 8 Oil $900 (SOLD) Lonesome 8 x 8 Oil $900

My Rainier 48 x 60 Oil $13,900

Field of Dreams 48 x 60 Oil $13,900

Dogwoods 30 x 40 Oil 5,900 (SOLD)

Sailor's Delight 10 x 12 Oil $950 (SOLD)

Last Light 10 x 20 Oil 1,500 (SOLD)

Descent 36 x 48 Oil (SOLD)

Saturation 30 x 40 Oil (SOLD)

Skagit Bovines 30 x 40 Oil (SOLD)
For me, art has been an obsession as well as a passion.  Passion would be for the love of it.  Obsession means you have no choice. 
I’ve had an intrinsic interest in art for as far back as I can remember. The world could be crumbling around me and my art would still be there.  It is my friend…it is my safe haven. 
My work takes on two basic faces. The first and oldest is my plein air painting.  It is simply a response to nature and its environs with all its complexities. For me it is a time of great enjoyment probably equal to a fly fisherman in peak season or sailing on a broad reach with waters of glass.  The most challenging part of plein air painting is the weather, but for a seasoned painter, you learn to adjust and cope.  This would be my most comfortable or safest work.

The second and most demanding part of my work is my studio painting. These are impasto paintings and generally large in format. I start them with pencil sketches and try to make the subject matter take a rear seat to color and texture. With these paintings, I’m constantly drawing from within, which pushes the anxiety level to great heights. Trying to be creative, archival, and establishing my own identity would be my goals in this work. The key to this work is getting yourself in that certain mental zone where you lose all concepts of time and space. This would be the most rewarding part of my work with also the greatest risks of failure.  In the end, for me, art is about the process of doing, and not the end product expected.
Currier received his formal education at Columbus College of Art Design in Ohio and the American Academy of Art in Chicago, where he earned his degree in fine art. His works can be found in numerous private and corporate collections. _ Alfred Currier