25th Anniversary
Invitational Small Works Show
Featuring an outstanding selection of smaller sized paintings
by over 75 leading artists
Reception: Saturday, Oct. 17th—5:30-7pm
All works will be offered for sale on a first come basis
at the opening night reception. Show continues thru November 8th.

This event has become an exciting tradition for our gallery and has gained a reputation
among collectors as one of the best small works shows in the country.


Michael Ferguson
Rod Frederick
Michael Fitzpatrick
Gavin Glakas
Shawn Gould
David Gray
David Grossmann
Chuck Gumpert
Ralph James
Brent Jensen
Craig Kosak
James Kroner
Lindsey Kustusch
Jhenna Quinn Lewis
Joseph Lorusso
Kent Lovelace
Miguel Malagon
Jerry Markham
Christopher Mathie
James McGrew
Eric Michaels
Sam Michlap
Terry Miura
Renato Muccillo
Ned Mueller
Susan Ogilvie

Leo E. Osborne
Gregory Packard
Ron Parker
John D. Phillips
Elizabeth Pollie
Mary Qian
David Riedel
Pauline Roche
Stan Rogers
Teresa Saia
Leslie Sandbulte
Anne Schreivogl
Thalia Stratton
Ezra Suko
William A. Suys
Jason Tako
Connie Townsend
Hsin-Yao Tseng
Michele Usibelli
Robin Weiss
Kim Matthews Wheaton
Diane White
Mike Wise
Zhaoming Wu
Chris Young
Romona Youngquist
Diane Ainsworth
Joseph Alleman
Quincy Anderson
Mitch Baird
Leslie Balleweg
Cindy Baron
D. Eleinne Basa
Suchitra Bhosle
Craig Blietz
Christopher Blossom
George Bodine
Eric Bowman
Rich Bowman
Richard Boyer
Mark Boyle
Will Bullas
Fred Calleri
Cheri Christensen
Brent Cotton
Alfred Currier
Raenell Doyle
Susan Cox
Stuart Dunkel
Kathleen Dunphy
Catherine Earle

Kay Eneim

Jake's Old Lady -Nomads SOCAL by George Bodine 12 x 9 Oil

Please contact us if you would like to recieve an invitation to the opening reception at
(425) 889-8212 or (800) 544-4712