Christopher Mathie

Agri-Land     60 x 40  Mixed Media   $4,400

Craftsman     48 x 60  Mixed Media   $4,800

Urban Planning II     36 x 36  Mixed Media   $2,800

Urban Dwellers II     30 x 30  Mixed Media   $2,100

Saltwater Weather     24 x 72  Mixed Media   $3,400

Coastal Meditation Blue, II    40 x 40  Mixed Media   $3,400  (SOLD)

Cool Breathed Saltwater    30 x 30  Mixed Media   $2,100  (SOLD)

Anchored - Early Morning    40 x 30  Mixed Media   $2,500  (SOLD)

Fresh From the Market    12 x 30  Mixed Media   $1,200

Great Blue Heron - Long Legs    48 x 24  Mixed Media   $2,400

Saltwater Afternoon     24 x 72  Mixed Media   $3,400 (SOLD)

Christopher Mathie has been represented by galleries from New York to Washington State, and has developed a signature style with emphasis on deconstructing images to their most important lines and organic forms. He strives to capture energetic movement, intense emotion and suggestive shapes essential to communicate his ideas in paint.


"Painting, to me, is a practice... kind of like meditation. Some days you get somewhere, some days it is just the act of painting, moving, mixing and being. The results are not important... it is the act of doing that matters. The rewards will come in spirit, in strength, in healing. And sometimes you will have a good painting too, the rest get painted over."

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