David Riedel

Eggs and Tea Cup  9 x 14  Oil   $1,400  (SOLD)

Two Red Pears   8.5 x 11.5   Oil  $1,200

Green Vase & Grape Leaves   16 x 20  Oil  $3,200

Four Pears and Wine Goblet   12 x 17  Oil  $2,300

Teacup With Grapes  9 x 12 Oil $1,600

The Green Vase   22 x 24 Oil $5,800

Wild Peas   9 x 12  Oil  $1,600

Summer's Gift  14 x 14 Oil $2,100

Pears and Blueberries 9 x 12 Oil $1,600

Adoration  26 x 19 Oil $5,800  (SOLD)

Red and Blue   11 x 14  Oil   (SOLD)

Teapot and Lemons 11 x 14 Oil  (SOLD)

Peonies and White Bowl  14 x 21.5  Oil $2,900  (SOLD)

David Riedel - Artist Statement

“The still life paintings all contain objects that are individually beautiful, but the starting point is when objects interact with light, shape, and color to form a larger dynamic. Some Paintings will focus on a quieter play of light within an environment or perhaps I will focus on strong contrasts of value or color. I enjoy creating a sense of depth and contrast where I can explore ways to balance the different elements and build a sense of movement into the painting.”

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