Diane Ainsworth

Bridge Over Sweetwater Creek   24" x 36" Oil $5,000

Snowy Path 36" x 48" Oil $6,400

Studio Sunrise 40" x 40" Oil $6,000

Summer Pond Dawn 24" x 30" Oil $4,200

Shades of Gray  16" x 20" Oil $2,600

Tree Tops  14" x 17" Oil $1,600

After the Rain  9" x 12" Oil $975

Tea Party at The Brown Palace   20" x 16" Oil $2,600

Boating Party  36" x 48" Oil $6,400

Gift of Autumn 30" x 40" Oil $5,600  (SOLD)

Reflections of A Summer Sky  36" x 36" Oil $5,800    (SOLD)

Anticipation 30 x 48 Oil $5,800  (SOLD)

Poppy Profusion  36" x 60" Oil $7,200  (SOLD)

Artist's statement


I've been a painter since childhood—this is what I am meant to do.  I lose myself in the myriad of shapes, colors and light. These elements are the building blocks of my craft. Weaving them together in a tapestry I try to convey my emotional reaction to a subject or idea.


 Up close my paintings are abstract shapes and rhythmic brush and knife strokes. Viewed from a distance some works retain their abstractness while others become more realistic.


Putting labels on my art is difficult. Impressionism comes naturally to me, but, depending on my mood and subject, I'm working more and more in an expressionistic vein and often abstractly. My paintings vary as I continue to grow and challenge myself.

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