Craig Kosak — Dreamers A new series of contemporary wildlife paintings infused with shimmering light and messages that are not quite clear

Dreamers At Dusk  36 x 36  Oil  $3,900  (SOLD)

The Waking Dream  35 x 60  Oil  $5,800   (SOLD)

Grace At Dawn   46 x 46  Oil  $5,800

Grace of the New Moon  32 x 48  Oil  $4,800

Lucky Charms   48 x 32  Oil  $4,800  (SOLD)

Dream of the Blue Herons - oil on canvas, 30” x 20”, $1,900   (SOLD)

The Dream of When We Could Fly - oil on canvas, 22” x 36”  $2,900

Opposites Attract  8 x 16  Oil   $800  (SOLD)

Rabbit Dreams of the Harvest Moon   24 x 14  Oil   $1,400

Survivor   36 x 22  Oil   $2,900  (SOLD)

Zoroaster Temple with Raven  35 x 60  Oil   $5,900

The Wild Horse of Sandia  48 x 32 Oil on canvas   $4,900

Artist’s Statement

The first chapter of my career found me living in the city and traveling the American west seeking answers in the National Parks. While I had not intended to make "western" paintings the influence of the landscape and wildlife was undeniable. Now, my travels around the west are done. My life, and my work are about the land and the creatures with whom I live. And the goal for my work has changed. Rather than make paintings that tell a story I'm much more interested in making paintings that share a feeling. My work explores the inner world where things are felt more than seen. I am making representational paintings about emotional experiences.

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