Renato Muccillo

Spring On the North Arm  11" x 14"  Oil  $4,100  (SOLD)

Morning Stratus   4" x 11"  Oil  $2,300  (SOLD)

Distant Grove in Morning Light  8 x 8 Oil on panel  $2,300 (SOLD)

Lakeside #2  8 x 6  Oil on panel  $2,250

Distant Harbor  6 x 6  Oil on panel  $2,200   (SOLD)

Apex  12 x 12  Oil on panel   (SOLD)

After the Rains  9 x 12 oil on panel    (SOLD)

Daffe's Point  7 x 11  Oil on panel   (SOLD)

Feed  8 x 8  Oil on panel    (SOLD)

Grey Vale Study   8 x 8  Oil on panel    (SOLD)

Meadow In Early Light   16 x 16  Oil on panel    (SOLD)

Oak Point   11 x 14  Oil on canvas    (SOLD)

Wetlands   11 x 14  Oil on linen     (SOLD)

Barren Limbs  24 x 18  Oil on linen   (SOLD)

Sanctuary II  48 x 36  Oil on linen    (SOLD)

The Quenched Land  30 x 24  Oil     (SOLD)

Descending Illumination  18 x 18  Oil     (SOLD)

October  36 x 36  Oil     (SOLD)

Early Winter on the Alouette  16 x 20  Oil     (SOLD)

Umber Sea  12 x 24  Oil    (SOLD)

Shedding Arbutus  24 x 18  Oil     (SOLD)

Summer Backwater  12 x 9   Oil     (SOLD)

Willows  12 x 12  Oil    (SOLD)

Heron Loop At Dusk  12 x 12  Oil     (SOLD)

Late Spring Towards Widgeon Valley  18 x 14  Oil     (SOLD)

Late Spring On the Lowlands  11 x 14  Oil     (SOLD)

The Crescent - Study  11 x 14  Oil     (SOLD)

Aspen Grove - Study  6 x 6  Oil on panel    (SOLD)

Southern Grove Under Fading Light  11 x 14  Oil   $4,100  (SOLD)

Lakeside #1  6 x 8  Oil on panel  $2,250  (SOLD)

Renato Muccillo’s sought-after paintings of tranquil and reflective waterways juxtaposed against expansive and luminous skies are easily recognizable for his “controlled impressionism” style. Muccillo says, “My heart lies in the natural environment. I focus on the area where I live...and the experience of seeing what I see and being honest about it. I feel my best expressions are painted. I am continually driven to analyze and to try to understand the effects of light and


atmosphere on color— then using my ability as an artist to decipher and record those effects.”


These quiet, elusive scenes are an attempt to slow everything down. Muccillo hopes his paintings convey the message that beauty is everywhere, even in the simplest of things. “Slow down just for a second to look at something for what it is,” he muses.


Renato Muccillo’s lush, atmospheric oil paintings are a response to his love of the natural environment. From his home near Vancouver, BC, he has access to the an array of enticing subjects to paint. He skillfully paints the big moody skies that tower over our rainy West Coast. Muccillo’s artwork conveys a sense of peace and serenity. The landscapes seem timeless and traditional, flowing with washes of light and colour that draw the eye into the soft mystery of the scenery.  Subtle shading and muted tones let the eye rest gently in the moist, near miraculous landscapes. Like an old friend, the paintings reveal their secrets gradually, becoming more familiar and interesting with the passing of time.

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