Rod Frederick

 Waves In the Grass 11 x 28 Oil $3,800  (SOLD)

Rod Frederick's paintings capture the timelessness of nature. In addition to his peaceful views of animals in their natural habitats, he is also known for his paintings in many different size and shapes - each chosen to best suit his perfectly balanced images of wildlife and wilderness. Although he depicts the present in his work, there is the sense that the scene is just as it was one hundred years ago in the hope that it will forever remain the same. “Often,” he says, “I'll look for a particular species and what I'll see is something totally unexpected. The unpredictability of seeing animals in the wild is as exciting as actually seeing them - it's what I call planned unpredictability. And when you do see what you've planned, it's serendipity. I get as excited about seeing common species as I do seeing new ones, and every time I think I can predict how a species will act, something else happens”


Frederick's fascination with animals stems from his childhood. His parents took their four children camping, an activity that was enjoyable and inexpensive for the young family. Frederick always liked being outdoors where he could hike and climb. When he was a second-grader, he was given a copy of the late Roger Tory Peterson's Field Guide to the Birds. Inspired by Peterson's enthusiasm for nature and the outdoors, Frederick used the Field Guide on his outings with his family. The appreciation he developed for the wilderness early in his life has never waned; it has continually intensified. He finds that when he's painting, he can't wait to get back into the wilderness to observe animals. When he's outside, surrounded by nature, he's anxious to get back to his studio so he can paint it. Always ready to travel, Frederick wants to see Australia, paint a jaguar and a tiger in the wild, visit New Guinea and return to Africa. Never at a loss for ideas, he feels there is not enough time to paint them all. About halfway through a painting, he is already looking forward to the next one, like a child waiting for Christmas.

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