Ron Parker

Long Beach Sundown  14 x 40  Oil  $2,900

Ruby Beach  36 x 24 Oil $4,150

Island Sunset 24 x 36 Oil $3,200

West Coast Morning 20 x 40 Oil $3,200

West Coast Dawn 20 x 40 Oil $3,500

Flower Island 16 x 36 Oil $2,800

Bright Dawn 30 x 24 Oil $3,500

Mayook Morning 18 x 24 Oil $2,200

Harvest Time 8 x 10 Oil $700

Rainier Morning 8 x 10 Oil $700

Last Light on Mt. Olympus 14 x 48 Oil $3,500

Ron Parker - Artist Statement


My landscape oil paintings represent the culmination of all the skills I have acquired over 36 years of painting. I began with wildlife paintings in 1978, first in watercolour and then acrylics, learning how to render feathers, fir and foliage realistically. 20 years later I began to paint figurative paintings and portraits, learning how to use colour and texture to create sensitive renderings. In 2003, I began a series of over 400 'essentialist' paintings reducing the painting compositions to the essentials of design, form and rhythm using acrylics.


Then, in January, 2013, I embraced the medium of oil paints and they have allowed me to do the subtle blending of shapes and colour that I had not been able to do before. By painting wet into wet and using only one coat of paint in most paintings, I have been able to return to realistic, detailed renderings of landscape. But now, I can create subtle water reflections, smooth gradations in clouds as well as refined detail in foliage. The adoption of painting in oils exclusively has enabled me to capture the detail, light, texture, colour and mood of any scene.

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