Weekend At Gramma's .  48 x 48 .  Acrylic .  $4,000

Sky garden   48x36  Acrylic .  $3500

La Conner Tulip  30x40  Acrylic .  $2925

The Path Home   30 x 30   Acrylic  $2,400

West Wind    30 x 30   Acrylic  $2,400

My Neighborhood    24" x 24"   Acrylic    $1,850

Old Island Highway   24" x 24"   Acrylic    $1,825

Forgotten Cove   18" x 24"   Acrylic    $1,600

The Window Sill  24 x 24  Acrylic  $1,825

A Shady Spot   30 x 36  Acrylic  $2,500

Honey Rose  Acrylic 12 x 12  $950  (SOLD)

Half Moon Bay  11" x 14"   Acrylic   $985

Wandering Ways   36" x 36"   Acrylic    $2,800 (SOLD)

Italian Fishermen   24" x 24"   Acrylic    $1,825

The Red Garden   36" x 36"   Acrylic    $2,800

August Days   8 x 10  Acrylic  $950

My Backyard    6 x 16  Acrylic  $950

Harbour Maze   36 x 36   Acrylic  $2,700  (SOLD)

Bellissimo Vernazza   36 x 36  Acrylic    (SOLD)

A Bend In the River   24 x 36  Acrylic    (SOLD)

In the Backyard and Around the Corner  40 x 30  Acrylic  (SOLD)

Morning Glory  24 x 36  Acrylic    (SOLD)

Dining In Wine Country   48 x 48  Acrylic $3,800  (SOLD)

Sunday Drive   36 x 36   Acrylic  $2,700  (SOLD)

Pass On By   36 x 36   Acrylic  $2,700  (SOLD)

Another Mill Town   36 x 36   Acrylic  SOLD

Paul Jorgensen was born in 1947 in Tofino on Vancouver Island’s west coast, but raised in Nanaimo, British Columbia.  After graduating from the Emily Carr School of Art and Design in the early 1970’s, he spent some time living and traveling in Europe, from Norway to the Greek Island of Mykonos. After several business ventures and painting in his “spare” time, and with the encouragement from well


known artists, Nixie Barton and Grant Leier, he started painting full time with success 20 years ago. He has painted since childhood, but considers himself an“overnight success after 55 years”. Collectors appreciate his winning combination of fantasy, whimsy, patterns and color.


The whimsical paintings are full of questions and little gems of interest can be found every time you look at his paintings. His bright cheerful colors, and textures, with twisted houses and stretched or fat trees create interest in looking for more surprises. The paintings tell a story and create new perspectives with an interlocking puzzle of forms and shapes.


“My paintings are not intended to be a serious view of the world. I like work that involves imagination and technique,and suggests a story. I just want to make people happy looking at my paintings”.


19501 144th Ave NE  Suite B400

Woodinville, WA 98072